Creative sizes


160x600 | 300x250 | 300x600


300x250 | 1024x66



Platform Format Size Max weight Creative type
Desktop Skyscraper 160x600 45KB HTML/JavaScript, JPG, PNG, GIF
Desktop MPU 300x250 45KB HTML/JavaScript, JPG, PNG, GIF
Desktop Double MPU 300x600 60KB HTML/JavaScript, JPG, PNG, GIF
Tablet MPU 300x250 30KB HTML/JavaScript, JPG, PNG, GIF
Tablet Leader 1024x66 30KB HTML/JavaScript, JPG, PNG, GIF
Mobile Leader 300x250 30KB HTML/JavaScript, JPG, PNG, GIF
  • All HTML/JavaScript/links/URLs must be HTTPS (secured), otherwise the ads will not serve.
  • Please provide HTML5 as redirect tag. We don't currently accept raw HTML5 files.
  • Any HTML5 .zip file must include all files that are referenced by the HTML file. Do not include “zips within zips”, nor local or session storage or backup assets.
  • Any HTML5 .zip file must be accompanied by a backup GIF and click URL in case the zip file can’t be uploaded properly.
  • All audio must be user initiated with the default setting as muted.
  • Maximum animation length is 15 sec.
  • Reports: Please supply weekly delivery reports (with daily delivery per ad size) to ensure minimum discrepancies, as impressions will be invoiced based on Travel Impact´s adserver (DFP) unless otherwise is agreed on beforehand.

Click tags

  • Please use the “click tag” variable for storing the click destination, for example: var clickTag = “”. This helps you format click through URLs.
  • When multiple .html files are included, the ”click tag” variable must be present in the first .html file that loads.
  • Ads must use the clickTag variable as the destination of the click event, whether handled by anchor tags (), window.location,, or any other method of navigating the user.

HTML5 zip-files – currently not accepted

No HTML5 zip-files are currently accepted. Please send HTML5, DFP internal redirect tag or gif/image + SSL compliant click URL. If 3rd party impression tracker (non-mandatory) should be used then also provide us that.

Requirements Booking Receipt

Due to spam filters, for tracking Booking Receipt l we can only accommodate target URL with click-tracking (not pixel counters).